Spray tanning

Versaspa automatic spray tanning machine gives you a quick, flawless, long lasting, natural looking tan.

The VersaSpa PRO spray tanning booth is a do it yourself, premium, professional spray tan. It is infused with marine algae which detoxifies, firms and rejuvenates the skin, while giving you a natural looking tan. Using the VersaSpa is so easy with voice prompts to guide you to an even and flawless tan which is quick drying. One of the best things is that the whole process only takes four minutes – it takes you longer to get undressed!

We offer single tanning sessions, as well as weekly, fortnight and monthly options.

We recommend you get a spray tan 2 days prior to an event to ensure your colour fully develops.

We have 3 colours to choose from: Venetian Rapid, Malibu Bronzer and Versa Spa Clear. Each colour has 3 depths: light, medium and dark so you can have your tan EXACTLY the way YOU like it.

Our products contain micro-nutrient technology infused with Marine algae as well as DHA primarily derived from sugar cane, silver beats and erythrose from raspberries. This rejuvenates skin and deliver a beautiful spray tan every time!

• Venetian Rapid – is formulated with warm brown and violet undertones for a classic, deep bronze tan. Look stunningly tanned when you need it. Ideal for clients looking for an exotic Mediterranean beach tan, with cool violet-brown undertones. This is a violet based tan and is the best for olive skin and those that naturally tan easily. Please make sure you have your first rinse with water only within 3-4 hours of your session.

• Malibu Bronzer – is formulated with a rich blend of warm browns with a green base for a luxuriously, deep tan. Think Bondi Tan! Ideal for clients looking for a natural tan, developed with warm brown undertones. This is best suited for whitish/pinkish skin types. Please wait to at least 8 hours to have your first shower with only water. This can be slept in.

• Versa Spa Clear – Goes on clear and develops beautiful sunless color in approximately 6-8 hours. Colour that intensifies over the day. Ideal for clients that want a spray tan without immediate colour. No more stains and easy to do before work or in a lunch break. This a green based tan is best suited for whitish/pinkish skin types. This tan can be slept in.

Add Primer to help make your tan look its best for longer.

The tanning product is odourless, non-comedogenic, 100% vegan, and paraben, gluten, cruelty and nut allergy free.


Click here to see more information about the VersaSpa spray tanning booth, and here for an instructional video.


Before your appointment, please read this important before and after information.

Single Session

$48 per week


Weekly Session Membership

$39 per week

Ongoing direct debit, minimum contract 4 weeks.


Fortnightly Session Membership

$42 per fortnight

Ongoing direct debit, minimum contract 8 weeks.