Toning and Rehabilitation Tables

Feel your best and increase your fitness and muscle tone, with our toning and rehabilitation pilates tables, that provide a low impact and low intensity whole body workout. If you don’t like the gym – this could be the perfect way to exercise.

Some of our clients have had both significant weight loss and pain relief when using our tables regularly (recommended for best results). As the tables stimulate and target separate muscle groups without intense strain, you can easily increase your fitness, circulation, mobility and joint flexibility, resulting in weight loss and pain relief. Read more about the tables and exercises here.

We offer single sessions, memberships and multi-session passes, but we know you’ll feel and look so good that you’ll want to use the tables everyday!

Not sure about the tables? We offer a free therapist assisted trial by appointment. Call us today on 7904 9046 to book today.

Improve fitness, lose weight, increase muscle with a low impact workout with out at Plaza Wellbeing Centre Alice Springs on our pilates and rehabilitation tables



Enjoy relaxation, pain treatment, detoxification and skin purification in the infrared pod sauna at Plaza Wellbeing Centre Alice Springs.

Infrared Pod Sauna

If relaxing in the ergonomic adjustable dual massage bed with jade, germanium and tourmaline gemstones (all known to aid detoxification) in the inner lid emitting negative ions while inhaling Himalayan pure ionic crystal salt isn’t enough to tempt you, the immediate benefits of infrared therapy include detoxification, pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, relaxation, improved circulation and skin purification.

The Plaza Wellbeing Centre is excited to be the only location in the Northern Territory and South Australia to have a Cocoon Deluxe Wellness Pro Pod Sauna – the latest infrared thermal technology providing ultimate relaxation and wellness for our clients.

We offer single or multi-session passes so book today to enjoy this ultimate bliss.



Infrared Lymphatic Massage Roller

The Magic Roll Infrared Lymphatic Roller is a self massage machine that provides an effective lymphatic detoxification massage through therapeutic mechanical wood rolling. The wooden balusters are based on traditional Chinese medicine which helps circulate blood and lymphatic drainage throughout the body to promote detoxification.

The Magic Roll Infrared Lymphatic Roller has been clinically proven to reduce fat tissue and cellulite, provide relief from muscle tension, increase metabolism and accelerate fat burning by increasing bloody supply to tissue, and promotes clearer, smoother and tighter skin.

We offer single sessions or multi-session passes to help you get the most out of this amazing machine.

The Infrared Lymphatic Roller provides effective lymphatic detoxification. It is clinically proven to reduce fat tissue & cellulite, provide relief from muscle tension, increase metabolism & accelerate fat burning.



An example of the comparison body measurements & composition, constructing your body in 3D to track your health & fitness progress with our 3D Body Scanner.


3D Body Scanning

The Fit 3D Body Scanner provides accurate body measurements and composition using millions of measurements and 1200 photos – all in less than a minute! It then constructs your body in 3D so you can see and track your health and fitness progress, allowing you to both celebrate your goals and adapt your health and fitness activities where required.

We offer an unlimited yearly scan package, and clients who have a valid gym membership receive a 10% discount on all scans.