Infrared Pod Sauna

The Plaza Wellbeing Centre is excited to be the only location in the Northern Territory and South Australia to have a Cocoon Deluxe Wellness Pro Pod Sauna – the latest infrared thermal technology providing ultimate relaxation and wellness for our clients.

If relaxing in the ergonomic adjustable dual massage bed with jade, germanium and tourmaline gemstones (all known to aid detoxification) in the inner lid emitting negative ions while inhaling Himalayan pure ionic crystal salt isn’t enough to tempt you, the immediate benefits of infrared therapy include detoxification, pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, relaxation, improved circulation and skin purification.

There are many scientifically proven long term benefits of hyperthermic conditioning (repeated exposure to humidity) including detoxification on a cellular level, improved sleep, immune system boost, pain reduction, weight management through significant calorie burning, cell regeneration and a reduction in depression and anxiety.

We offer single or multi-session passes so book today to enjoy this ultimate bliss.

Enjoy relaxation, pain treatment, detoxification and skin purification in the infrared pod sauna at Plaza Wellbeing Centre Alice Springs.

Click here more information about infrared therapy and its benefits.

Be sure to bring water and a towel to your session, and to remove your jewellery.

Important information

Do not use the Infrared Pod Sauna if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy
  •  Feverish conditions
  •  Epilepsy that is not under control
  •  Aneurysms or tumors
  •  High or unstable blood pressure
  •  Infectious disease
  •  Skin disease or wounds

If you are still unsure please consult with your doctor or health practitioner.

Single Session


40 minutes


3 Sessions

$170 (save $25)

40 minute sessions


6 Sessions

$330 (save $60)

40 minute sessions


12 Sessions

$660 (save $120)

40 minute sessions