Toning and Rehabilitation Tables

Feel your best and increase your fitness and muscle tone, with our toning and rehabilitation pilates tables, that provide a low impact and low intensity whole body workout. If you don’t like the gym – this could be the perfect way to exercise.

Some of our clients have had both significant weight loss and pain relief when using our tables regularly (recommended for best results). As the tables stimulate and target separate muscle groups without intense strain, you can easily increase your fitness, circulation, mobility and joint flexibility, resulting in weight loss and pain relief. Read more about the tables and exercises here.

We offer single sessions, memberships and multi-session passes, but we know you’ll feel and look so good that you’ll want to use the tables everyday!

Not sure about the tables? We offer a free therapist assisted trial by appointment. Call us today on 7904 9046 to book today.

Improve fitness, lose weight, increase muscle with a low impact workout with out at Plaza Wellbeing Centre Alice Springs on our pilates and rehabilitation tables

What to wear during a toning and rehabilitation pilates tables session:

For men we recommend shorts or long workout pants and T-shirt. For women, leggings and T-shirt.  There should be no zips, buckles or buttons. Socks must be worn at all times and jewellery must be removed. Socks are available for purchase at the Plaza Wellbeing Centre.

Important information

Do not use our toning and rehabilitation pilates tables if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy
  •  Feverish conditions
  •  Epilepsy that is not under control
  •  Aneurysms or tumors
  •  High or unstable blood pressure
  •  Infectious disease
  •  Fractures and sprains
  •  Acute inflammation of joins and tendons
  •  Skin disease or wounds

If you are still unsure please consult with your doctor or health practitioner.

Tables and Exercises


Performing 1000 hip rotations in 10 minutes, this table relaxes the lower back and helps firm the hips and upper legs. It improves the contour of the bottom and decreases cellulite.


This table firms your legs, abdomen, hips and buttocks. In 10 minutes this table helps you simulate as if you have walked for 3km.


This table firms your abdomen, back and diaphragm while comfortably supports your back as you do 90 sit ups in 10 minutes.


Strengthening your waist, stomach, hips and back muscles as you perform 900 leg lifts in 10 minutes.


This table works your full body. Your posture is improved, and your back and arms are strengthened and tightened. You perform 1000 shoulder rolls in 10 minutes. It is an amazing full body stretch.


This table is beneficial for the whole body. It is total relaxation while also helping with circulation and fluid retention, and our clients love this table.


Although not technically a ‘table’, our roller has wooden balusters that are based on traditional Chinese medicine. These circulate blood and increase lymphatic drainage throughout the body to promote detoxification. It rotates and oscillates and is fantastic for circulation and helping people with diabetes.

Single Session

  • $30

    • 60-80 minutes


10 Session Pass

$260 (save $40)
Valid for 12 weeks


5 Session Pass

$140 (save $10)
Valid for 5 weeks


School Hour Special

Save 10% off a 5 or 10 session pass to use the tables between 9am and 3pm weekdays


Unlimited Session Membership

$240 per month
ongoing direct debit, minimum contract 3 months


  • Get your best body AND save money with our Unlimited Session Membership.
  • Not only do you get unlimited use of our toning and rehabilitation tables, you also get a monthly 3D body scan so you can track your progress, AND a bonus Infrared Pod Sauna or Lymphatic Massage Roller single session.